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Frequently asked questions

While our minimum order for screen printed items is 24 pieces, we do offer alternatives for lower order quantities, such as direct-to-garment printing. If you want to stick to screen printed shirts, but don’t need 24, there is a $3.50 charge per missing piece. For example: You only need 14 shirts. 24 – 14 = 10. 10 x $3.50 = $35.

No minimums for embroidery! However, ordering more pieces will significantly decrease your costs.

If the items are new and unwashed, i.e. not soiled, we can do it. However, pricing may differ from what is posted on our website. Please contact us for a quote.

As long as all items are readily available (not on back order), our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days (M-F) for most orders. Larger or more complicated orders may take longer. We will notify you of this when giving you a quote. Small embroidery orders can be done in as little as one business day.

We can ship an unprinted item to you for a small fee. The sample will generally arrive within 1-2 business days. If you need a printed or embroidered sample, please email us at [email protected]. There is a significant setup time required for these samples, so the cost can vary.

We use the PMS Pantone Color Matching system to ensure the closest match to what you’re looking for. Virtual proofs and/or mockups will be emailed for approval prior to production. Because all monitors and devices display colors differently, we use the Pantone colors to ensure accuracy. If you don’t know which Pantones to use, we have a full Pantone color chart available to view at our shop.

For full color or direct-to-garment prints, we utilize CMYK color profiles.

To ensure the highest quality print, we recommend using the highest quality Vector artwork files to begin with. These include formats such as .AI Illustrator, .EPS or Vector PDF files. We can use raster (pixel-based) formats such as .PSD Photoshop, JPEG, or PNG as long as they are high-resolution (300 dpi) at size. If you cannot provide a file as mentioned above, we will give an estimate of how long it will take to redo your artwork, at a rate of $35/hour.

You can email us the files directly, or upload it on our Request a Quote form.

You can get a quote by heading to the Request a Quote page at the top of your browser. You can also email, call, text, or visit us for a quote.

As we constantly have a loud embroidery machine running during normal business hours, the best ways to reach us are by the Request a Quote form, email, or text.

The price per shirt depends on a few variables within your order.

  1. Style of garment
  2. Number of ink colors in the artwork (more ink colors, the greater the cost)
  3. Number of print locations for the design
  4. Quantity of shirts in the order (the more shirts you order, the less you pay per shirt)

Embroidery pricing is determined by several factors as well, but the main factor is stitch count.

No problem! Either send us the design later, or we can do the designing for you at a rate of $35/hour!

To put it simply, embroidery digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a digital file using a software that allows embroidery machines to understand the needle’s path. This process is not automated and in fact, great digitizing is considered an artform if done correctly.

We charge a one-time fee of $35 to digitize your design, meaning if you order the same design again in the future, we won’t charge you this fee as we already have the file.

Our maximum imprint area is 12.5” Wide x 17.5” Tall, depending on the shirt style/size. Generally, both Youth & Ladies shirts have a max imprint area of 9.5”: Wide x 14” Tall. The maximum imprint area for sleeves are 3.5” Wide x 3” Tall for short sleeves and 3.5” wide x 15” tall for long sleeves & pants. 3.5” Wide for shorts. Of course, these imprint sizes will vary depending on the garments being printed.

We offer Net 30 payment terms to well-established customers only. By well-established, we mean that you’re a customer who has placed multiple orders with us, has paid on-time every time, and has a good relationship with us. New, and all other customers, are required to pay 100% upfront before work will begin. More information can be found at

Yes! Please contact us for more information on getting set up with a wholesale account.

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