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Garments Embroidered 2023

Through SO0427. Last updated 3/29/23

Embroidery Pricing

Last modified January 21, 2023

Embroidery Charges (Garment not included)

Digitization/Setup Fee Up to 45K Stitches: $35.00
Digitization/Setup Fee 45K-100K Stitches: $50.00
Digitization/Setup Fee 100K+: $75.00

Additional Charges

Tape Edits Minimum $22.00
Creation of Keyboarded Text Files (not including name personalization below) Minimum $15.00
Sewouts of Third-party Embroidery Files Minimum $10.50
Rush Charge (minimum $10 per rush order of less than 5 business days) Addtl. $1.00 to $2.00/piece
Personalizations One Line $7.50/piece
Personalizations Two Lines $9.50/piece
Excessive Thread Color Changes (over 10) $0.75/piece
Regular Hat Fronts (Sides / Back) Add $0.50/piece
Bucket Hat Fronts and Ski Hats (Sides / Back) Add $0.45/piece
Embroidery on Towels/Robes/Sweaters/Fleece Add $0.45/piece
Embroidery on Bags Add $0.75/piece
Individual Folding and Polybagging Add $0.45/piece
Metallic Thread Add $0.60/piece
Puff Embroidery Add $2.00/piece
Copy of Disk (first disk or copy included in digitizing fee) $35.00
Packaging/Shipping Services (DROP SHIP)
UPS and FedEx $5.75 per box
Courier pickup $3.75 per box
Check-in/sorting fee $0.45 per piece